Three Easy Ways to Paint Your Own T-Shirts

Three Easy Ways to Paint Your Own T-Shirts

You don’t have to be an artist or a designer to create some head turning t-shirts of your own. Following some simple steps can make you popular among friends. This is so simple and easy that anyone can do it, even a kid with some assistance. You can do it all alone, with friends, with family or even in party. It is a perfect way to customize your clothes.

Basic things that you need:

· Paints: Fabric paints and color in different shades.

· Brush: Paint brush of different size.

· Stencils: In case you want to trace and spray.

· T- detroit tigers hawaiian shirt : A t- detroit tigers hawaiian shirt to work on.

Three easy ways:

1. Using stencils: Using stencil to create a design is an easy way to paint a t- detroit tigers hawaiian shirt . With little patience and technique, you can get amazing results.

· Set a smooth table top as work area. Lay the t- detroit tigers hawaiian shirt on it and insert a card board to prevent paints from seeping.

· Take the stencil (you can also make one of your own), place it on the t- detroit tigers hawaiian shirt and secure tightly.

· Now using a brush, dab the color all over the stencil. Once the first coat is done, wait for it to dry. Use second coat and don’t remove the stencil till is it dried completely. Follow manufacturer’s instruction.

2. Hand Painting: It requires a little creativity but your preschool drawing lessons will come handy.

· Select an image or picture that you want to paint.

· Trace the image on t- detroit tigers hawaiian shirt or make a rough draft, keeping the t- detroit tigers hawaiian shirt on a flat surface.

· Insert a card board and secure the edges tightly to prevent it from moving.

· Now start coloring according to your design. Let it dry completely before moving it.

3. Using hand and other stuff: This is a great way to bond with your child. A fun filled weekend can be spent painting and creating t-shirts which you can use, gift or even donate for a purpose.

· Casually lay the t-shirts on a smooth surface and insert some card board to prevent leaking of color.

· Pour some non-allergic, skin-friendly fabric color on open trays.

· Dip your hands and fingers or any block for creating unique designs. Wait for colors to dry completely. Kids just love doing it.

Painting t- detroit tigers hawaiian shirt of your own is a fun way to celebrate creativity. You can even paint quotes or some interesting words.

write by Odette